Does Botox Give You Clear Skin?

Most people seek Botox to look younger. After all, the popular cosmetic beauty treatment is associated with helping individuals achieve tighter overall skin and reduced wrinkling, notably in their faces. And this more youthful look is also what keeps people coming back every three to four months or so for additional treatments.

While the benefits of Botox are well documented and widely realized by those who receive the treatment, one of the most common questions we also receive is whether Botox helps lead to clearer skin. So does Botox help promote clearer overall skin? To an extent, the answer is “yes” – but it’s likely not how you think.

Botox and Clear Skin

Botox helps promote clearer overall skin in one key way: helping decrease overall oil production. With that being said, it’s often most beneficial for younger individuals in preventing acne outbreaks, or pimples or facial blemishes from forming in the first place. It’s not necessarily a treatment for acne or blemishes, but it can become an important ally to help prevent future outbreaks, regardless of your age.

How Does Botox it Prevent Outbreaks?

First, let’s re-examine how pimples and facial blemishes form. They develop when oil, dirt or bacteria interferes or obstructs your skin’s pores. It’s why regular and routine facial washing is so important to keeping pores clear. It’s especially important for athletes or people who sweat a lot, as sweating can release oils that obstruct pores and lead to outbreaks.

So how does Botox help? Simply put, following treatment, sweating is likely to be inhibited for a period of time, thereby producing fewer amounts of pore-clogging oil. And while acne is a condition perhaps most synonymous with teenagers, keep in mind that pores only grow as people age – and larger pores tend to lead to skin that produces more oil. Even in older adults that may not have acne, blackheads and blemishes can still develop in these areas with excessive oil production. Botox is proven to help reduce breakouts, while making the face look younger to boot.

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