How does Spider Vein Removal Work?

They won’t harm you, but if you have developed spider veins in your legs, removing them can improve the look of your legs and provide you with a smoother, more youthful appearance. There are several ways to remove these noticeable veins; understanding what these veins are and how they work can help you determine how to remove them.

According to WebMD, spider veins develop over time – which is why they are often seen as a sign of aging. Small veins in your leg, near the surface can collapse over time, resulting in a spider-web pattern in blue, red or purple. They won’t go away on their own, but can be removed with the right treatment plan.

Two Ways to Remove Spider Veins

Removing spider veins does not have to be costly or invasive. You have several options, depending on your personal preferences and how pronounced your veins are.


The damaged veins are closed for good, and the blood pooling there is redirected to other, healthy veins. This is done with a needle; a solution is injected into the trouble areas and the veins close and dissolve. Several injections may be required and this invasive solution is not for everyone. Since Sclerotherapy is both invasive and time-consuming than the other, it should be considered as a last resort or if you can’t access laser therapy.

Laser Removal

For those who want a smooth, vein-free appearance without resorting to invasive, drawn out procedures, laser removal is the ideal option. With this approach, a laser is used to target the veins with blasts of light; no needles or invasive therapy is needed. This is a permanent, pain free process that can be completed during the typical lunch break. Laser spider vein treatment is the most convenient and  comfortable option for most individuals.

Get Spider Vein Treatment in Columbia SC

If you are worried about spider veins or feel like you can’t wear shorts or a swimsuit because of them, we can help. Our innovative and convenient laser therapy targets the veins marring your appearance – and treatment takes less than 30 minutes. You’ll be able to head to the lake or the beach, worry free, once those unsightly veins are corrected. Get in touch today to discover how easy it is to address this common problem and to rejuvenate the look of your legs.

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