Laser Back Hair Removal for Men – Florence

Did you know more than half of American men are uncomfortable with their body hair?

A Study by OnePoll found that men have avoided swimming or the gym because of their body hair. Back hair was noted as one of the top culprits for feeling embarrassment, but more than half said they had never shaved their back.

You don’t have to deal with the irritating hair on your back that makes you feel unattractive!

Laser hair removal is an easy solution for removing back hair in Columbia. This method has been growing in popularity and offers a simple, low-pain, long-lasting option for smooth skin.

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We will use a special laser treatment to stunt hair follicle growth. Sessions keep hair at bay for weeks at a time, until you will only need treatments one to two times a year! After 4-6 sessions, most patients see a permanent reduction or elimination of their back hair.

Back Hair Removal for Men

For men, removing hair from the chest, back, neck, shoulders, ears and abs are most popular. You will experience barely any discomfort with the cooling gel—just light pinching. Our equipment has been approved by the FDA and our patients rave about their results. This treatment is safe and effective for nearly any area of the body.

How Does Laser Treatment Work?

We apply a cooling gel so your skin doesn’t feel the effects while a laser heats the hair follicles and damages the root. This causes the hair to fall out and slows the regeneration of hair. Because the laser targets the pigment in the hair, this treatment does work better for dark hair. We would be happy to tell you if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal in Columbia.

Why Do I Need Multiple Hair Removal Laser Treatments?

Not all hair is on the same growth cycle. It will take multiple, consistent treatments to catch all of those hairs and damage the follicles. Our packages include return visits to ensure your hair removal process is effective.

How Much Does Columbia Hair Removal Cost?

The price will vary based on the part of your body that you want to target. Larger areas, like the back have more hair and more surface space and will require more visits. Over time, the cost spent on ways and shaving is higher in total than laser. You certainly save a lot of time doing it!

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