5 Reasons to Consider Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy

Genesis is proud to be the exclusive provider in our area of a revolutionary pathway to hormonal balance known as BioTe.  The Biote method consists of using hormone pellets to balance both Estrogen and Testosterone in women and boost Testosterone levels in men.  In addition, balance to both Thyroid and vitamin D levels are incorporated into the method.  Results are amazing and life-changing.  If you are suffering from menopausal symptoms, low sex drive (libido), low energy levels with increased weight gain, and other common problems then you may be a candidate for Biote.

A simple blood test and symptom questionnaire are all it takes to evaluate your needs. Patients, both men and women, are reporting markedly increased energy, increased sex drive, better enjoyment of life, and an overall return to a sense of well-being.  Once the labs and evaluation are done, a simple 10 minute in-office procedure is all it takes to place the hormone pellets.  Dr. O’Dell then discusses thyroid and vitamin D issues with you and prescribes any necessary meds to correct those.  Repeat pelleting is done in women about 3 times per year and in men twice yearly.

Dr. O’Dell has been doing hormone therapy for over 35 years using other methods but has stated this is a game changer. Low Testosterone in women has been largely ignored but because of the break-through research by Biote it is proving a necessary hormone in women’s lives.  Likewise, Low Testosterone in men has been treated with some success but using artificially produced Methyl-Testosterone with possible side effects.  All the pellets used in Biote are natural bio-identical hormones produced in FDA approved labs in the United States.

We are commonly asked questions about possible side effects of using Biote. There is NO long-term harm with use of Testosterone in either men or women.  Most research has only dealt with Estrogen and Progesterone in women and largely ignored the need for Testosterone in women.  BioTe research, both in the literature and in patients, has shown tremendous benefits with no serious side effects. The largely held belief that Estrogen replacement in women leads to higher breast cancer risk has been largely disproven in the last 20 years with large research studies and was refuted in a 2017 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  As a matter of fact, a recent study showed women who are post hysterectomy and taking Estrogen have a 25% decreased risk of breast cancer compared to women not taking the hormone. Testosterone in women has been studied extensively by Biote and others and has proven to be life changing with NO long-term side effects.  It is so safe that we are using it in POST BREAST CANCER patients who are particularly suffering from menopausal symptoms brought on by age or by use of Tamoxifen and other Estrogen blockers.  Research by Biote in that post cancer group has shown NO recurrences of the cancer in a 10-year study.  It has shown a remarkable improvement on quality of life.

For men, boosting the testosterone levels to the recommended levels has consistently given men more energy, vitality, and virility.  Many guys have expressed daily post work fatigue with mental and physical fatigue, even at not so old age.  Within 1-2 weeks of pelleting that vitality you miss can be coming back and better than ever.  There is NO increase in Prostate cancer by using Biote pellets.  Some studies propose that keeping the testosterone at higher levels may actually result in decreases in rates of Prostate cancer.  We do recommend regular yearly PSA checks as a way of monitoring.

All the pellets are derived from plant-based materials and are considered bio-identical.

Biote…… Balance your hormones, balance your life.