cosmetic gynecology

Dr. O’Dell is board certified in OB/GYN and has offered Gynecologic services to the Pee Dee region for over 30 years.  He has also had additional training in Cosmetic Gynecology.

Cosmetic Gynecology is an area in which appearance and function of the Vaginal area is treated.

FEMILIFT.  One of the best devices I have ever used both in the Gynecology world and the Cosmetic world is the FEMILIFT.  Very few treatments can boast a 99.9% satisfaction rate but FEMILIFT is that treatment.  Genesis acquired the FemiLIft in 2016 and we have treated hundreds of patients with complaints of Vaginal dryness, leaking urine and vaginal laxity from childbirth and /or menopause.  As a woman ages there is a decrease in supportive collagen to keep the bladder lifted and maintain the vaginal caliber.  After menopause this loss is accelerated and the addition of vaginal dryness becomes a problem.  The FemiLift uses a fractionated CO2 laser to put hundreds of tiny laser pulses into the vaginal wall that will naturally stimulate both new collagen growth and a revival of vaginal lining cells which produce moisture.  This procedure is done after placing numbing cream in the vagina and takes only about 10 minutes.  Best of all there is NO DOWN TIME and NO PAIN.  We do recommend a 3-treatment protocol with each treatment about a month apart.  Patients report good improvement of their symptoms after the first treatment but GREAT improvement after the second and third treatments.  The result of treatment lasts years.

Vaginal Tightening.   If your vaginal laxity exceeds what FemiLift can help, which is rare, we are also able to do a Vaginal Rejuvenation tightening procedure in our office using only oral sedation and local numbing.  After vaginal birth and especially after menopause, laxity of the lower vagina is very common and troubling for many women.  Sexual sensation for you and your partner is greatly diminished.  Sometimes air-trapping occurs due to the extreme laxity that may be present.  This condition is fixable in our office using our 20-minute surgery without the hassle or expense of going to the hospital.   I can evaluate which treatment needs to be done with a no-charge in office consultation.

LABIAPLASTY. Another common problem occurs with the Labia Minora or Vaginal lips.  Whether from child birth trauma or from congenital enlargement of the labia, unsightly and even painful changes can occur.  Many patients seeking a labial reduction have suffered pain with intercourse or pain with wearing tight pants.  Other patients complain about embarrassment from the bulgy appearance from enlarged labia that is seen even through a bathing suit.     Asymmetry, where one side is larger than the other, is also a common condition we see and treat.  Clitoral hood enlargement can also be reduced and lifted with our in-office Labiaplasty procedure.

As you age and sometimes with extreme weight loss a retraction of the fat pad in the Labia Majora can occur.  This results in having no “cushion” on your bottom around the vagina and can lead to discomfort from irritation to the labial lips.  It also gives you an older look around the vagina.  This can be restored using our FAT TRANSFER program where a small amount of fat can be harvested from the belly area or legs and easily placed in the labia majora to achieve a more normal look and feel.

All these Cosmetic GYN procedures are done in our GYN room at the Genesis center.  For FemiLift, some numbing cream is placed in the vagina for about 20 minutes and is blotted out prior to doing the Femi.  For the Labiaplasty procedures we use oral sedation with Xanax and a powerful numbing cream to the vaginal and labial area.   Local injection with Xylocaine is done next so that no discomfort is noted by the patient.

A no-obligation consult can be booked with Dr. O’Dell to evaluate your needs and a treatment plan formulated based on the problem you have.