Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center is PROUD to Introduce EMSCULPT!


Want to do the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups or gluteal contractions in 30 minutes? Want to build and tighten your core in a revolutionary way? Think EMSCULPT.
Genesis is proud to be the exclusive provider of this remarkable technology using magnetic field technology to maximally contract the target muscle group resulting in a 16% increase in muscle mass and a surrounding 19% reduction in fat. Genesis introduced the EmSculpt to the Florence and Myrtle Beach market in 2019 and have used it as a stand -alone treatment for defining and building muscle and also as a post-lipo add on to further define the abdominal muscles as the skin tightens.

So what areas can be sculpted with EMSCULPT?

Using different size applicators and programs EMSCULPT can be used to shape and strengthen the abdomen, the gluteal muscles (butt), the arms, and the calves. The EmSculpt device has specific “paddles” that are applied over the treatment area and held in place by an elastic band. For instance, there are two paddles applied to the abdomen on either side of the mid-line of the abdomen. These same paddles can also be used to place one over each gluteal muscle when treating the buttocks area. A different half round “paddle” is used over the biceps and triceps when doing the arm. That same one can be used on the calf muscle. The 30 -minute treatment starts at 25% magnetic field to “warm-up” the muscle and then is increased incrementally to between 90-100% during the treatment. We suggest 4 treatments spaced about 3 days apart to achieve the maximal results. This allows the treated muscle to build new muscle fibers in between sessions. We have also seen excellent results with a weekly treatment 4 weeks in a row.

Is this the same as using a TENS unit?

Absolutely not. A TENS unit is only able to contract the upper portion of the muscle, not the entire body of the muscle. On areas with significant fatty thickness, the TENS may not be affective at all. The EMSCULPT uses HIFEM technology which uses strong magnetic pulses to contract the ENTIRE muscle maximally over the treatment time. The magnetic field can go up to 7 centimeters deep into the area treated. This allows it to penetrate fat and still get the max thickness of the muscle on most patients. At the same time, it is causing fat cells in the treated area to undergo a cell change that reduces fat by 19%. The maximal muscle contraction causes a 16% increase in muscle volume that is noticeable long after completion of the treatment. During the 30 minutes there are five 5-minute pulse sessions that completely contract the muscle in a pulsatile fashion with a 1-minute rest break between pulse sessions. It is not painful at all.

Is there soreness afterward like after a gym workout?

NO. The algorithm used over the 30- minute treatment has built in “rest” contractions that will milk out the lactic acid produced by the contractions. Lactic acid is what causes much of the soreness after a maximal workout. Again, this is removed by the way the contractions are stacked during treatment.

How long does the increased muscle mass last?

After the recommend initial 4 treatments you will see continued increase in the muscle build-up over the next several weeks. If you do not work-out we recommend a “boost” treatment in about 4-6 months. If you do any kind of weight resistance exercise to the treated area then you will continue to see great results without a boost or you can do one about every 6 months.