Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center is proud to announce the EXCLUSIVE addition of the Fotona SmoothEye procedure.

Fotona SmoothEye

What is the Fotona SmoothEye™ treatment?

The Fotona SmoothEye™ treatment is aimed at tightening and rejuvenating the skin around the eyes and reducing the presence of wrinkles and sagging with little to no downtime. After a series of treatments with Fotona SmoothEye™ at Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center, there is marked improvement of skin elasticity, volume, and texture.

Another treatment, the EyeLIFT treatment, rejuvenates and tightens the skin in the forehead and temple areas to lift the brows and open the eyes. When used in conjunction with SmoothEye, the result is an overall lifted and refreshed periorbital area.

Fotona is the world-leading medical laser company that developed this powerful non-ablative laser technology to produce amazing results around the eyes without vaporizing the skin.

Why do our eyes sometimes make us look old?

Our eyes are the focal point of our face. There is a natural tendency to focus on a person’s eyes, and in a poetic way, the eyes are the window to one’s soul.

Since the eye requires lubrication from our tears, our eyelids blink to distribute this lubricant evenly every minute our eyes are open. It has been estimated that we blink 15 to 20 times a minute, or 1,000 times an hour.

This amount of creasing and un-creasing the delicate skin that forms our eyelids takes a toll. Deterioration of periorbital health can lead to fluid accumulation, eyelid swelling and sagging.

How does Fotona SmoothEye™ work?

SmoothEye treatment uses a revolutionary non-ablative mode of Fotona’s high precision Er:YAG laser to treat the outer eyelids and skin around the eyes in a smooth, almost “feather-like” non-ablative manner without bleeding or vaporization.

This treatment utilizes precisely controlled photo deposition without temperature buildup at the surface, creating a laser-tissue interaction beneath the skin. This results in collagen production and remodeling. SmoothEye™ is even used in the inside of the lower eyelids when appropriate.

Fotona SmoothEye

Why Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center?

Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center is the EXCLUSIVE provider of Fotona SmoothEye™ treatments in Florence and the surrounding area. The reasons that our team are able to produce such phenomenal results are trifold.

Firstly, we are utilizing the most advanced Fotona aesthetic laser.

Secondly, we have more than a decade of laser experience.

Thirdly, we are using advance proprietary treatment protocols based on the most current research to produce exceptional results.

Your consultation

Patients undergoing any laser treatments will first go through an in-depth consultation to ascertain if the treatment is appropriate for them. During this consultation, the patient will discuss any medical contraindications that might exclude them from the treatment, along with their expectations. Pricing will be discussed, as will the treatment process itself.

All our patients will undergo a medical clearance by our in-house physician, who will also be in the office throughout every treatment to ensure the safety and efficacy of the treatments.

What is the treatment like?

Topical numbing medication is applied before the SmoothEye laser treatment, but some patients may tolerate it without a numbing medication. The treatment is performed on the outer eyelids, crows’ feet, and when appropriate, even in the inside of the lower lids.

Eye shields are placed in the eyes to protect the eyes when the inside of the lower lids are treated to protect the eyes. After the treatment, there is usually some mild redness and swelling, but you can go right back to work or exercise without any recovery time needed. The skin can be dry and mildly flakey but much less than a chemical peel.

EyeLIFT treatment involves using Nd:YAG PIANO mode and FRAC3 on top of the SMOOTH mode of the Er:YAG laser on the forehead. This stimulates new collagen formation and collagen remodeling in the different layers of the forehead to create a non-surgical browlift.

Since the skin is less sensitive compared to the eyelids, there is minimal redness and flakiness. It can be used as a standalone treatment in appropriate cases but works best in conjunction with SmoothEye.

Fotona SmoothEye

How many treatments do I need?

The results of SmoothEye and EyeLIFT build on the previous. Typically, 4 -6 treatments are required 4 weeks apart to build a foundation. Depending on your goals, lifestyle, medical conditions and skin type, maintenance treatments can be as little as once a year. The beauty of the treatment is that there is little to no down time.

When do I see the results?

Most patients see tightening and improvement of skin quality a week or so after the treatment that improves over the next few weeks. With each treatment building on the previous, multiple treatments yield the best results and the final results can be seen as soon as 4 weeks after the last treatment but can continue to improve for 4-6 months.

How much does Fotona SmoothEye™ treatment cost?

The price of this laser eye-rejuvenation procedure varies depending on the specifics of each case. The number of treatment sessions needed may play a role, as may the extent of the issues being treated.

Thanks to sun damage, lifestyle choices, and the general ageing process, many of us experience unwanted changes to the eye are, such as sagging and wrinkling. If you are looking to reverse these signs of age and rejuvenate your appearance, BOOK ONLINE or Call our scheduling team at Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center at (843) 669-2220 and schedule your free consultation.