Genesis Introduces Their EXCLUSIVE Signature LipoSculpture

What is the Genesis Signature LipoSculpture?


We are proud to offer our exclusive Signature Lipo-Sculpting developed by Dr. O’Dell here at Genesis.  This unique approach to liposuction goes beyond what is offered by any other lipo center in North and South Carolina.  While other lipo centers only offer just suctioning or just laser lipo we have developed a technique that overlaps several modalities into one procedure.  Each technology used in this comprehensive method uniquely builds on the other to give you a better look with more fat removal.

First of all we use Tumescent anesthesia, which involves putting a numbing solution under the skin of the area to be sculpted.  This avoids the need for general anesthesia and also begins to break up the fat for later removal.  About 30 minutes prior to starting, we do give you oral sedation using Xanax and a pain medication.  The combination of the oral meds and the Tumescent anesthesia render the procedure virtually pain free.  Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is also available to you if needed.

Now this is where the Signature Lipo begins.

The first of the three overlapping methods used is VASER.  Vaser uses ultrasonic pulses to emulsify and liquefy the fat particles making the fat more liquid and, therefore, easier to remove.  It can also be used to sculpt details into the lipo, especially on the abdomen, by giving the result a “high definition” look.  In addition, areas of Cellulite in the legs can be smoothed using a special attachment to the VASER that will give a long-lasting result.

Once all the area has been treated, we use TICKLE LIPO to assist in the suctioning of the liquefied fat.  This method uses a power assisted suction wand that not only rapidly suctions the fat from the area but also helps remove greater amounts than what is accomplished manually.  Detailed manual suctioning is also used to help define and contour the area being done.

Lastly, we use LASER technology to help tighten the skin.  The laser is used against the underside of the skin and causes small micro damage to areas on the back of the skin.  During the healing process new protein is laid down in those areas and as it heals and matures a lifting and retraction of the skin occurs. An additional skin tightening device called RENUVION is also used on selected cases and especially on the chin which adds to further tightening and smoothing.  An amazing thing happens during that process.  The skin will actually retract and shrink over the next 3-4 months in response, helping those stretched areas to conform back to your body.

All this is done through tiny needle punctures instead of incisions.  Most of our patients are back to work within 2-3 days of the procedure.  We do ask that you wear a compression garment during the healing time to help guide your skin as it shrinks.

Lipo can be done on the chin and neck area, the abdomen and flanks (360 lipo), the upper arms, the back and sides, and also the legs.  Recovery is usually 1-3 days depending on the area done.

Vaser lipo

LipoSculpture of the Abdomen

LipoSculpture allows for the comprehensive removal of abdominal fat. Patients can now achieve abdominal contouring that looks toned, athletic, and even ripped. This has become quite a popular procedure for women with children, who don’t have a lot of spare time to spend in the gym. These patients are able to target trouble spots and even gain back their toned, pre-pregnancy stomachs. For our fitness enthusiast patients, getting those “ripped” 4-pack abs can be a game-changer.

Vaser ultrasonic technology allows Dr. O’Dell to remove high volumes of fat. Therefore, your muscles and real body shape (previously hidden by layers of fat) are able to finally be visible. For most my female patients, this procedure results in an abdomen that is significantly more toned and aesthetically appealing.

This muscle contouring and artistic removal of fat require a surgeon who is very experienced and skillful with the liposuction cannulas (probes). In some patients, we utilize power X cannulas to achieve even higher abdominal definition or “abdominal etching.” Etching requires multiple passes with specialized cannulas in very targeted areas. Patients will see a huge difference, but ultimately, results are limited to the musculature of their abdomen. For female patients desiring defined abs, we recommend post-op abdominal workouts in order to enhance the final result.

LipoSculpture of the Arms

In order to achieve beautifully slim arms, Dr. O’Dell analyzes and contours several regions which include:

  1. anterior and posterior deltoid line
  2. biceps and triceps convexities
  3. anterior and posterior axillary fullness
  4. lower arm fullness often referred to as bat wings

With the use of our Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center EXCLUSIVE technique, it is now possible to contour all of these regions, thereby providing optimal results. Dr. O’Dell’s technique has significant advantages over traditional liposuction methods including:

  1. micro-etching in the superficial plane so that we obtain a definition between the deltoids and biceps when observed from the front as well as between the deltoids and triceps when observed from the front.
  2. skin tightening of the lower arm region, an area that not only excess fat and but also skin often plague. The ultrasound effect of the VASER titanium tips induces skin tightening.

LipoSculpture of the Back and Buttocks

Laser Liposuction

Dr. O’Dell performs comprehensive lipo contouring of all areas surrounding the buttocks. However, he knows that your buttock shape and size are just as important as the frame surrounding the buttocks. These surrounding areas include the lower back, flanks, lower lateral thigh, and medial thighs.

  1. There is one semilunar region in the lower internal butt area, directly medial to the midline gluteal cleft.
  2. One slightly larger semilunar region in the lower external butt area, which is the conversion point between the lateral buttocks and the lower lateral leg.
  3. There is a large triangular area of the medial thigh directly inferior to region #1 that we can define.
  4. There is a larger triangular area of the lateral posterior thigh that we can define. This region is directly inferior to region #2.
  5. The green zone is a region bound by two lines originating from the point of maximum indentation (PMI) of the waist. The first line travels from the PMI to the superior area of the intergluteal crease, while the second line travels from the superior area of the intergluteal crease to the superior iliac crest laterally.
  6. Finally, the last region is referred to as the red zone, which can be located by tracing a line from the superior area of the intergluteal crease to the trochanteric depression on the lateral aspect of the gluteus maximus. Experts should treat the red zone should carefully, as this is a transition point between the green zone and the trochanteric depression.

In summary, successful high definition liposuction, specifically our Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center EXCLUSIVE Signature Liposculpture results can be quite dramatic. However, it requires a surgeon like Dr. O’Dell, who possesses expert anatomy knowledge, surgical precision, and an artistic eye.

Almost anyone with fat accumulation in unwanted areas can be a candidate for our Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center EXCLUSIVE Signature Liposculpture.

To find out which how you can achieve a better, slimmer you through our Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center EXCLUSIVE Signature Liposculpture, call the scheduling team at Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center at (843) 669-2220 to book your Free consultation. Make sure you ask about ways to finance your new you.