As we age, our time in the sun and our physical condition subject us to the appearance of annoying, unsightly spider veins. Spider veins are those small dilated reddish, purple veins that generally appear, close to the surface, on the face or legs.

Our laser beam penetrates the skin surface, delivers its energy to the vessel and coagulates it. Good results can be expected after a single session but multiple treatments may be required according to the individual.

Areas of treatment include the face, chest and legs and includes treatment of spider veins, cherry angiomas, and spider angiomas.

No anesthesia is required and the treatment only takes about 30 minutes.

How does Spider Vein Removal Work?

Spider Vein Removal

For those who want a smooth, vein-free appearance without resorting to invasive, drawn out procedures, laser removal is the ideal option. With this approach, a laser is used to target the veins with blasts of light; no needles or invasive therapy is needed. This is a permanent, pain free process that can be completed during the typical lunch break. Laser spider vein treatment is the most convenient and  comfortable option for most individuals.

If you are worried about spider veins or feel like you can’t wear shorts or a swimsuit because of them, we can help. Our innovative and convenient laser therapy targets the veins marring your appearance – and treatment takes less than 30 minutes. You’ll be able to head to the lake or the beach, worry free, once those unsightly veins are corrected. Get in touch today to discover how easy it is to address this common problem and to rejuvenate the look of your legs.

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