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Medical Grade Chemical Peels 1


What is a Medical Grade Chemical Peel? A medical grade chemical peel is a strong, office-based skin exfoliating treatment that can only be administered by a licensed skin care professional. Compared to other chemical peels, medical grade peels are extremely controlled treatments performed with more powerful, effective formulations to yield better and more [...]

HydraFacial MD


Think healthy, beautiful, radiant skin is just about having good genes and a personal skin therapy expert on your Hollywood A-lister payroll? Think again! Medical Grade - HydraFacial™ MD is the celebrity secret to maintaining healthy skin throughout your life, but it doesn’t come with a celebrity price tag. Genesis Cosmetic Laser Center [...]



Dermaplaning is a gentle skin resurfacing procedure utilizing a special surgical blade to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. The removal not only allows for cell renewal, but also allows for better penetration of professional and home products, optimizing their results. As an added bonus it also removes facial hair –a great procedure [...]

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